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We offer both commercial and residential silt fence services throughout all Chicagoland. Performed by silt fence crews and supervised by experienced industry professionals. We install according to local standards and requirements.

Residential Silt Fence

As residential properties expand and build, we offer silt fence installation for your property prior to construction. We service all areas and offer a wide variety of fence services in your area. Request a free estimate for silt fence installation today.

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Our team is on-time, every time. We guarantee a high quality timely service. When installing silt fence, we guarantee a single day service. When searching for a silt fence installation company, look no further. 23 years of industry experience.


Best Practices

Firstly, silt fence installation is an important aspect of erosion and sediment control in stormwater management. Doubtedly, one of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) used to protect soil and water resources from erosion caused by runoff from construction sites.

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Before installing silt fences, an erosion and sediment control plan should be developed to identify the potential sources of erosion and the appropriate measures needed to mitigate the impacts. Equally; perimeter control is one of the key components of the plan, which involves the installation of silt fences along the boundaries of the construction site to prevent sediment-laden runoff from leaving the site.

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Erosion Control Logs

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Temporary Fence


Construction Fence

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Proper Installation

To ensure effective silt fence installation, soil stabilization techniques such as vegetative buffer strips and backfilling should be implemented. During prep, the area around the silt fence should be cleared of debris, and the soil should be compacted to prevent any gaps or spaces that could allow sediment to bypass the fence.

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Silt Fence


Although silt fence fabric, posts, and staples are essential materials needed for silt fence installation, the fabric should be made of a durable geotextile material that can withstand exposure to UV light and heavy rain. Furthermore, posts should be sturdy enough to support the fence, while the staples should be long enough to secure the fabric to the posts.

A silt fence plow or a trenching machine can indeed be used to install the fence. The plow creates a furrow in the ground where the silt fence is inserted, while the trenching machine digs a trench where the fence is placed. The installation method used depends on the overall site conditions and the depth required for the fence.


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Contractor services for a wide variety of fence solutions. We help construction sites with erosion control by using erosion control logs, silt fence geotextiles and erosion control blanket.

All construction sites need a plan to prevent and manage stormwater and erosion. These requirements vary particularly, depending on your local and state regulations.

In Illinois, construction operators are required to obtain a general permit to begin disturbing any construction site. Occasionally, a site can be prepared in ordinance, subsequently thereafter.

When starting a project that requires any type of soil movement, you're going to want to consult with a professional contractor that can walk you through proper steps before beginning your construction project.

We help homeowners and project managers coordinate a plan to utilize and follow specifically in local and state ordinances for erosion control.

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