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Commercial Silt fence

We offer both commercial and residential silt fence services throughout all Chicagolamd. Performed by silt fence crews and supervised by experienced industry professionals. We install according to local standards and requirements.

Residential Silt Fence

As residential properties expand and build, we offer silt fence installation for your property prior to construction. We service all areas and offer a wide variety of fence services in your area. Request a free estimate for silt fence installation today.

On-time services

Our team is on-time every time. We guarantee a high quality timely service. When installing silt fence, we guarantee a single day service. . When searching for a silt fence installation company, look no further. 23 years experience.


Quality meets Value

Complete services from silt fence installation to fence staining services. Lawn And Maintenance is a full service company that provides all of the necessary services to ensure peace of mind. Whether you're a home owner or a business, we can provide a stress-free service with itemized quotes and on-time delivery.

From Silt Fence to Staining

Lawn And Maintenance constructs exceptional exteriors. From design through completion, including challenging projects with silt fence, we will help you create an outdoor extension to your home or business.

silt fence for construction sites

Erosion Control Logs

construction safety fence for trees

Temporary Fence


Construction Fence


Erosion Control Blanket




Silt Fence

Contractor services for a wide variety of fence solutions. We help construction sites with erosion control by using erosion control logs, silt fence geotextiles and erosion control blanket.

All construction sites need a plan to prevent and manage stormwater and erosion. These requirements, and vary depending on you local and state regulations.

In Illinois, construction operators are required to obtain a general permit to begin disturbing any construction site.

When starting a project that requires any type of soil movement, you're going to want to consult with a professional contractor that can walk you through proper steps before beginning your construction project.

We help homeowners and project managers coordinate a plan to utilize a plan to follow local and state ordinances for erosion control.

Request a free estimate today for your next erosion control project.

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